Kirsti Uunila, historic preservation planner with the county, looks at an artifact at the Calverton town site.

Calvert County has plans to expand programming on its public access TV channels 6 and 1070 this year.

Deputy County Administrator Wilson Parran and Communications Director Linda Vassallo spoke to the county commissioners on Feb. 4 about the plans.

Currently, communications staff use county buildings at 175 and 205 Main St., but plans include acquiring a studio and rolling out rebranded channels.

Last year, media specialist Kevin Schmidt was promoted to be the stations’ broadcast manager. According to LinkedIn, Schmidt began working with the county last February.

This year, the county would like to hire two more positions: broadcast producer and technician. The producer position is currently being advertised at an annual salary ranging from $53,635 to $73,128.

Calverton townsite

Also at the Feb. 4 meeting, the commissioners approved a grant to further investigate the Calverton townsite, which was the area’s first county seat. The site, which is located north of the Patuxent River and west of Battle Creek, was laid out in 1668, said Kirsti Uunila, the county’s historic preservation planner.

The area is on private property and is identified as “Prison Point” on current maps. That may be because a jail was located at the site, she said.

On Wednesday, Uunila said the fieldwork should take about two weeks. “We’ve done remote sensing,” she said, noting that the goal is to find cellars and foundations near the shoreline that are in danger of erosion.

There may be some opportunities for volunteers, she said, adding that she hopes the fieldwork would be complete by late May.

The Maryland Historical Trust will reimburse the county up to $20,000 for an archaeologist.

The county will be responsible for $6,518 in matching funds.

Transportation plan

In other news, the commissioners voted to set a public hearing for the updated transportation plan that the planning commission recommended approval of last month. The public hearing is scheduled for 10:30 a.m. on Feb. 25.

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