The St. Mary’s sheriff’s office is headquartered at the county’s governmental campus in Leonardtown.

The St. Mary’s sheriff’s office is headquartered at the county’s governmental campus in Leonardtown.

Police responded to a Point Lookout Road address in Leonardtown on July 24 for a reported assault, which resulted in a second-degree assault charge.

Deputy David Lawrence of the St. Mary’s sheriff’s office said he spoke with Gregory Wayne Arnold Sr., who told him he was driving south on Point Lookout Road when a man pointed a handgun at him through the open rear window of a Ram pickup truck. The driver was identified as Chance Edward Leach, 18, of Huntingtown.

“The defendant started tailgating the victim first,” Jason Babcock, a spokesperson from sheriff’s office, said.

Lawrence said Arnold was being tailgated while driving south on Point Lookout Road.

The deputy added that Leach passed the victim on the shoulder of the road near Loveville Road, which resulted in Arnold’s throwing his hands in the air and shrugging his shoulders.

“He advised the defendant reached into the rear passenger area of the truck, pointed a black handgun at him,” Lawrence said.

Babcock said Leach, who was ahead of the victim at the time, pointed the gun behind him.

The spokesperson added that Arnold followed Leach to the Motor Vehicle Administration in Loveville where police located him and arrested him.

Lawrence said Leach was interviewed by Sgt. Robert Merritt.

“The defendant told Sgt. Merritt the victim began tailgating him and he pointed an Airsoft [pellet] pistol at him to get him from following so closely,” Lawrence said. “During the execution of the search warrant two Airsoft pistols were located in the truck.”

Leach was had been charged with first- and second-degree assault, however, the first-degree assault charge was dropped.

“Leach racked up several traffic tickets in this incident as well,” Babcock said. “Initially, it was going to be a second degree but then the first degree was added in there,” before it was later dropped.

St. Mary’s Senior Assistant State’s Attorney Daniel White said it is not unusual to be charged with assault without a physical altercation.

Defendants can be charged with assault if they “intend to do great bodily harm” to another person, the state’s attorney said.

However, prosecutors are tasked with proving that intent when the case reaches the courtroom.

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Twitter: @KristenEntNews