A new county park will be named Dominion Energy Regional Park after the Calvert County commissioners voted unanimously in favor of the name on Tuesday.

“I know it’s a sensitive thing ... I definitely respect everyone’s input,” Commissioner Mike Hart (R) said prior to the vote.

The 179-acre park, which will be located west of Route 2/4 at Cove Point Road, was previously known as Offsite Area A.

The site was used for construction employee parking and equipment storage when the LNG plant was being built from late 2014 to early 2018.Although the county received 886 responses to a survey regarding the park’s name, the commissioners went with the utility’s request.

The top names in the survey were: Lusby, 101 responses; Calvert, 82; Patuxent, 64; Dominion, 55; Southern, 41; and Chesapeake, 31. No other names received more than 10 votes.

“There’s a long history with having a park down there, but not a full park,” Hart said.

Dominion Cove Point, LNG donated 100 of the 179 acres in September 2018, and later donated $4.1 million toward the development of recreational resources.

Salt dome expansion

The commissioners also voted to move $100,000 from the Brickhouse/Chaney Road project to the Pushaw Station Salt Dome project, the latter which began in 2010. The former is on hold due to land acquisition challenges, Public Works Director Rai Sharma said. The vote will enable the county to use 2010 bond sale funds toward the salt project, he said. This budget adjustment will support a storage yard for equipment, a brine operation for the northern county road network and additional capacity for road salt.

These will be located at the new s alt barn, 300 Pushaw Station Road, which was recently built.

“It’s quite a building, barn,” Commissioner Thomas E. “Tim” Hutchins (R) said.

John Cosgrove, the county’s Capital Improvement Projects division chief, said the county has spent $450,000 on the salt project.

The current salt dome is located at the Mount Hope Convenience Center.

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