North Beach meeting

The flyer that North Beach officials will distribute to wage war on improperly discarded cigarette butts.

Spent cigarettes that get discarded without much thought by smokers are about to get a whole lot of attention from the Town of North Beach.

At the town council’s Nov. 12 meeting, the bayside municipality’s marketing and public relations specialist, Dawn Richardson, reported a flyer has been created to make those who throw their old smokes on the sidewalks, grasses and sands of North Beach aware of the long-term damage.

The flyer, titled “No butts about it. Don’t Litter,” stated “Did you know that the filters on cigarettes are made of cellulose acetate, a form of plastic that is slow to degrade in the environment?”

“Cigarette butts are one of our biggest litter items,” said Councilwoman Gwen Schiada.

The town’s flyer also states that cigarette butts “are poisonous to children, pets and wildlife” and “leach toxic chemicals into the environment.”

Town clerk Stacy Milor reported that the town has submitted an application for a “Clean Up and Green Up” $5,000 grant to aid North Beach in the battle against the butts. According to its website, the environmental group’s grants program was established “to eliminate litter” and implement “beautification and greening initiatives.”

In addition to municipalities, local groups and nonprofit organizations may also apply for Clean Up and Green Up’s $5,000 grants.

During the meeting, which was held virtually, Milor indicated the town hopes to recycle the collected cigarette butts.

Advertising amendment passes

The council unanimously passed a resolution that eliminates a requirement to purchase newspaper advertisements for adopted ordinances.

The council’s action removes the requirement to “publish a fair summary of an adopted ordinance in a newspaper of general circulation unless required by state law.”

“We’re going to be sending out ‘News Around Town’ and texts,” said Milor, adding that proposed ordinances may now be viewed on the town government’s website.

Town attorney Elissa Levan, who vetted the ordinance, stated during a public hearing prior to the meeting that the use of the town website, social media and texts will be “better calculated than what you’re using now.”

White appointed, sworn in

The council gave consent to the appointments of Maxine Roth and Rosalind White to the town’s ethics commission. While Roth was not on the ZOOM call, White was. She was sworn in virtually.

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Twitter: @MartySoMdNews