I am 90 years old. I grew up during World War II. When Japan surrendered I had just completed 10th grade. As we later learned via news and newsreels, we saw the humanity in the death camp rescues.

A family member ho helped liberate on of these camps could never talk about his experiences — it was too emotional for him.

The act of abortion is the premeditated murder of a human being in the developmental stage of growth. Recently, scientists have now found a way to determine that the fetus has a heart beating before a woman realizes she might be pregnant.

Years ago I wrote to then President Bill Clinton and said that in every other circumstance, save humanity, a beating heart meant that life was present.

During World War II the world gasped in horror at the numbers of human beings eliminated in the death camps; six million Jews, and millions of others including five thousand Catholic priests, academics, gypsies and others judged undesirables. These people were murdered without mercy, and the event was significantly referred to as the holocaust.

Today we have a new holocaust. It is called abortion. These little human beings in the womb have their own DNA and often a completely different blood type than that of the mother. Therefore, although they are attached to the body of the mother, they are distinct persons in their own right, and not part of the mother’s body as previously claimed.

The numbers from World War II pale in comparison to the millions of babies killed in this country since Roe v. Wade — more than 3,000 a day.

As a former labor and delivery nurse I have witnessed two infants born alive at 24 weeks gestation and who thrived later on. The thousands of babies who are destroyed daily by a deliberate act have become, to our shame, the new holocaust.

Abortion is a worldwide problem. Let the United States, as it has in the past, be in the forefront of promoting the protection of these precious lives.

God bless America.

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