It’s sad to see the once-strong “Pro-Democracy Democrat Party of Harry Truman” that helped end WWII, crumble into “a culture of confusion and disrespect.” Every American needs common sense leaders. No American party should have obstructionist leadership that refuses to work with others on needed legislation for the country’s and people’s well-being. Current Democrat leadership seems to be working against its own members and the country.

This likely explains large declines in Democrat Party membership.

Unfortunately, the once-proud Democrat Party is now being led around by a tightly controlled left-wing “fake news media,” funded and manipulated by communist/socialist, George Soros, the anti-American billionaire who’s secretly financing anti-American propaganda using a large portion of our mainstream media. But he’s also quietly funding politicians willing to preach communist propaganda in exchange for campaign funding. Specifically, his attempts to divide America by disregarding the truth, encouraging hate, racism, and attacks on legitimately elected governmental leaders. This destroys fairness in our once two party republic, and puts unnecessary stress on all Americans. Soros’ goal is “a single world communist government without borders.” Democrats are now being deprived of their voice, which weakens our Constitution and hinders passage of legislation needed to help us. Soros misjudged Americans. Many frustrated Democrats are now becoming Republicans. Communistic socialism never works and Soros’ media only pretends to support Democracy.

We all know the disadvantages of communism; unfair government control, media lies, low wages, shortages, hunger, low quality health care, no free enterprise, high taxes, cheating, lies and general misery. Many frustrated Democrats who see the missteps of recent Democrat leadership know that Soros is the Democrat Party’s worst enemy who uses his money to secretly control much of the left-wing media within the country. This is certainly not democratic. It’s communistic. It works against all Americans, especially working class Democrats because communists always work against America’s freedoms. This happens in every communist country. Have you seen the street riots in Hong Kong? Soros’ actions explain the anti-American rhetoric and lies you may be exposed to daily in The New York Times newspaper and on CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS and MSNBC. Only the “Left Wing media” encourages anti-American border crossings by illegal immigrants, for instance. By regularly supporting illegal crossings, “Soros’ Media” is actually supporting opioid importation and other illegal drugs to flow almost freely into our country. This permits the addicting and killing of thousands of Americans every year. Common sense tells us, “If it only killed just one American, we should stop illegal immigration by building a secure wall,” yet thousands are dying while Democrat leadership drags it’s feet and enables growing crime by illegal immigrants.

Money talks, so some suggest that Soros may also controls social media as well. I wouldn’t know, but at a recent senatorial judiciary committee inquiry, top medias expert Robert Epstein stated that even he, a liberal Democrat, was shocked at how much power social media wields over the voters in America’s elections. Concerned this might further distance the Democrat Party from it’s own members, using social media companies such as Google and Facebook, Epstein said they now have enormous power over who’s elected. He added they could alter election results, using current hidden media manipulation strategies, enough to change the votes of 2.6 million voters up to as high as five million voters. This is serious, and major changes need to be made if a known communist might be controlling our elections.

After all, Soros already manipulates much our own media, and controls the Democrat Party.