I have been following the race for the Democratic Party presidential candidate.

Their ideology is open borders, free college for illegal immigrants, free health care for illegal immigrants, abortions, secularism, increase taxes, more regulations, numerous definitions of sexual preference, word smithing, $2,500 decrease in everyone’s health care because of Obamacare, $34 trillion “Medicare for all,” a $94 trillion Green New Deal and, of course, impeaching the duly elected president who won an overwhelming electoral majority.

In addition to the above, they do not believe in the Bible or the United States of America.

They are against freedom of religion, speech, press, petition, assembly, right to keep and bear arms, due process, right to face your accuser, any rule, regulation or law they disagree with.

Therefore, they call themselves socialist.

This term may be clear but some people might say communist or National American Socialist Party (Nazi).

Lastly, Bernie Sanders said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is a racist. They use that term like we go to the Giant to buy milk for our babies.