I want to add a few points to Bobby Gill’s Feb. 13 letter on the county-owned golf course. I completely agree because every point made is valid. I am retired from the Department of Navy with over 32 years of civilian service. One of the prime lessons drummed into me was that government should do everything possible so as not to compete with private industry. Our economy is driven by capitalism, and it behooves government on all levels to foster private industry. Private industry always wins when it comes to operating a business for profit.

The county-owned golf course competes with private industry. It was a failing business prior to county ownership. Under capitalism, any business that does not turn a profit soon shuts its doors. Since when did it become county government’s business to purchase said failing enterprise and shore it up with tax dollars?

My last point concerns representation. County commissioners are elected officials who are to represent the citizens. As such, they should be carrying out the will of the citizens. I do not believe the expenditure of tax dollars for a failing enterprise that serves a small number of residents would ever have passed a county referendum. Bottom line: Sell the property and get out of the golf course business.