If the purpose of Ms. Smith’s letter is to convince the reader to “defeat evil ideas” then it fails miserably (“Radical leftist Democrats have a psychopathic mindset, will destroy rights,” July 3). Ranting, name calling and accusations do not convey a reasonable argument. They only appeal to fanatics.

Neither the radical left nor the radical right is reasonable, and neither has any desire to compromise. All of the traits attributed to the demonic Democrats in Ms. Smith’s letter apply equally to radical Republicans. Our endeavor as a country, our strength as a nation, is to moderate between the extremes of the radicals. We must accept the differences of others and negotiate workable solutions. Calling someone or a group a psychopath because they don’t agree with your perspective is not productive.

No one should be duped by those that pretend to be compassionate warriors for ultra-righteous causes. As Ms. Smith says in her letter, they may be moral imbeciles.