Democrats are especially adept at changing their political terminology to suit their deceptive purposes. For example, multiculturalism gets relabeled as diversity. To disguise their advocacy of socialism and lessen public opposition, they commonly use the euphemism “regulated capitalism.”

According to William Wetmore’s July 31 letter to the editor, “in the sense that government regulates the economy, we are a socialist country.” That is utter nonsense. He does not understand, intentionally ignores, or purposefully distorts the difference between indirect regulation (policies and rules) and direct control (decision making). The reasonable regulation of capitalism does not constitute socialism.

Mr. Wetmore stated, “I am not a socialist. I believe in regulated capitalism.” He then enumerates the additional regulations that he would impose on capitalism. An extremity of regulations that intentionally interferes with free enterprise is a covert means of imposing socialism.

Mr. Wetmore attributes income inequality to “the tax system favoring rich people,” and believes that the richest people “should pay back more,” assumedly for income redistribution. That is typical socialist jargon. The sources and amounts of income, not the taxes, differentiate between the rich and the poor. Equality of outcomes is a delusion even under socialism.

Mr. Wetmore would have people believe that America is quasi-socialist in order to influence public opinion in favor of an expansion of the welfare state and greater government regulation of business.

Doing so is an incremental progression toward socialism, an economic system that requires a totalitarian form of government.