It’s time for Republicans and Democrats to finally come together and realize who our common enemy really is, and what to do about it. We’re on the verge of a breakthrough.

I just read the two responses to my letter in the Aug. 2 edition and I’d love for the two responders to join with me, and all Americans, in fighting democracy’s common enemies.

I’ve done some research and am going to reveal here who I think is behind tearing our society apart and attacking our beloved freedoms and Constitution that served us so well for the past 241 years of amazing successes. Only enemies block success.

First, let me answer Joe Lester’s big question in his letter titled, “So, who really should be believed, and why?” Thanks for asking, Joe. Believe what’s truthful. The reason all Americans should be steering clear of media like CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC and the New York Times is that they’ve become untruthful and the common-enemies of both Democrats and Republicans.

These once-helpful media are now tools, and being paid to oppose Democracy and all American Freedoms, especially free enterprise, which allows us to live in prosperity as we do now. Americans, and their uniquely successful Society, depends on truth to be successful, not fake news. These Soros Media organizations have recently become the sources of fake news ever since former Nazi, George Soros, a billionaire communist and socialist, began controlling a large percentage of our media and voters in many ways, using Soros’ money. Cheating is how Soros got rich. This isn’t the first time he’s worked to expand Communism, while supplementing his personal wealth.

Soros used both media lies and bribed politicians to open all European borders to non-Europeans to increase infighting. Money talks. It’s how Communists manipulate, for power. National and racial in-fighting with violence add confusion. Soros’ stated goal is, “a one-world-government, without borders.” Venezuela’s Communism was Soros’ work too. Another typical Communist trick is to buy off leaders of the most liberal political party, and then help them to win an election. Voters don’t realize they’re being used, until it’s too late. Communist power brokers then use those same politicians to take over the country by force, taking all weapons. The really bad part for both Democrats and Republicans is that this works against all U.S. citizens and voters, forcing them into subservience to a Communist dictator. The party then becomes their pawn.

You simply can’t trust anything that the Soros-controlled media, listed above, says or promises. Every word is for gaining power. It’s shockingly one-sided, unlike anything Americans have seen before. No sane person would ever wish to live under Communism. It’s horrible. Ask the Chinese living in Hong Kong. Ask the Venezuelans. Nobody there has any rights. They suffer daily. Many starve. Few have jobs. No medicine. People can be killed for the slightest provocation. People have become slaves with little or no pay.

Soros wouldn’t care. You can’t imagine how fearful and difficult Communism has become down in Venezuela. Forget keeping your house or car. Confiscations happen daily. Soros, nor his paid media, are the friends of Democrats or Republicans. It’s time to label Soros media and paid Soros politicians as enemies of Democrats and Republicans.

Twitter: @CalRecMICHAEL