I am very disgusted with the attitude of some people today about blaming others because they feel they have been or are being discriminated against, or claiming that anyone who disagrees with them is ignorant.

My library is full of books on controversial issues, including homosexuality. It is not my fault that you feel you have been treated unfairly, so why punish me for something assumed to be my responsibility?

Every American citizen has the same rights as stated in the Constitution without having to establish special laws regarding who shall be given those rights. People need to rely on these rights already established rather than trying to force special laws to accommodate their flawed ego. Every time someone introduces a new law for a special interest group they take away the rights of others. How is that fair? What are the politicians thinking? Do they think they will be exempt from the law?

The LGBTQ is especially guilty of this.

The Fairness Act, so named as the Equality Act, which some are pushing in Congress is a perfect example. There is nothing fair about it. In fact, if that bill gets approved by Congress, I wouldn’t even be allowed to write this letter or I would face jail time.

The rights of churches would be taken away, employers would be forced to hire people they don’t want, there would no longer be segregated bathrooms, showers, or dorms, and funding would be declined for anyone who does not follow the law. The convictions of all who disagree with the law would no longer matter. The God given rights of parents would be superseded by the government. This so-called Equality Act will criminalize Christianity, and shut down Christian schools. Schools, K to college, would be forced to teach about gender identity and sexual exploration. Non-consenting parents would have their children removed from the home, with officials claiming they are abusing their children by withholding medical treatment. Anyone who does not comply by this bill could be imprisoned or fined. Is this fair?

Politicians aren’t bold enough to stand up to the pressure of these special groups. Not only is this dangerous bill is in direct conflict with everything Christians believe, but also is in direct conflict with the Constitution. We are quickly becoming a government by the few, of the few, for the few, instead of by the people, of the people, for the people. All of us must “Stand our Ground” before we no longer have any rights left! Oh, and for those who disagree with me, I understand that Denmark loves liberals.

G.L. Hawkins, Prince Frederick