A grand jury indicted a Calvert County man May 20 for an assault that occurred in Lusby on April 13. The defendant, Cameron Alexander Dent, 28, faces a three-count indictment for first-degree assault, second-degree assault and malicious destruction of property valued at $1,000.

According to documents on file in the Maryland Court system, Dent allegedly used a pellet gun to damage the victim’s vehicle and came within a foot of striking the victim with a projectile.

The victim, an Uber driver, was visiting a friend at the Pine Trail residence where Dent was also residing.

Deputy Jermaine Mason was told by the victim that Dent “does not like him [the victim] because he thinks he’s having an affair with his girlfriend.”

According to Mason, the victim was leaving the residence around 3 p.m. when he heard four pops from what he recognized to be a pellet gun. The victim, “turned his head in the direction toward the house” and “saw the gun in Dent’s hand and saw Dent shooting at his car.” The victim said he heard “numerous thuds on the side of his car,” which he then drove to a nearby restaurant to notify authorities.

Mason confirmed that the victim’s vehicle had been shot at several times, with damage to the rear driver’s-side window and door. The deputy stated that if one the pellets had struck the victim, “he could have been seriously injured or wrecked his car. [The victim] knew that Dent’s intentions were to strike him with the projectiles from the high-powered pellet gun.”

Dent was later apprehended and released on $5,000 bond. According to a docket summary, the bond was revoked May 3 in district court.

The case against Dent will be prosecuted by Assistant State’s Attorney Montra Martin.

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