Atlantic Broadband, the nation’s ninth largest cable operator, on March 20 launched Enhanced Wi-Fi services for residential and business customers in New Hampshire, Maine, Eastern Pennsylvania, Southern Maryland and Virginia service areas that were acquired from MetroCast last year.

Enhanced Wi-Fi (E-Wi-Fi), which was first launched by Atlantic Broadband to its existing markets in 2017, utilizes advanced technology to deliver the best possible Wi-Fi coverage and speeds, with dramatically improved wireless video streaming capability for customers.

“The quality of the in-home Wi-Fi experience and business-based Wi-Fi performance is critical to daily life and commerce today,” said Heather McCallion, Vice President of Products and Programming for Atlantic Broadband. “After Atlantic Broadband acquired the MetroCast properties last year, we significantly boosted internet speeds for all of our residential and business customers. With today’s launch of E-Wi-Fi, our customers will have access to powerful technology that will take internet performance to new heights.”

While traditional Wi-Fi networks rely on a single access point, the new E-Wi-Fi service utilizes multiple wireless mesh access points and intelligent routing algorithms designed by AirTies, a leading international provider of premium wireless solutions, to provide wall-to-wall coverage.

The E-Wi-Fi service addresses a growing consumer need as the number of connected devices in the home continues to rise.

A January 2019 Parks Associates research report found that the typical home has more than ten connected devices, including laptops, smartphones, wireless speakers, thermostats, lighting and security systems.

In business settings smart devices proliferate across warehouses, sales floors, waiting rooms and offices. All of these environments require a strong, reliable Wi-Fi signal to support simultaneous, data-intensive usage in every corner of the home or business. However, the size, configuration and construction materials of the average home or business can dramatically impede performance, even if a strong wired signal is being delivered to the premises. This often results in reduced speeds, dropped signals, buffering and interrupted streaming. The Atlantic Broadband E-Wi-Fi helps to resolve these challenges with the following:

  • A seamlessly extendable wireless mesh network that provides complete Wi-Fi coverage throughout the home or business.
  • Video stream prioritization that eliminates buffering, allowing customers to experience the ultimate wireless streaming experience.
  • Advanced capabilities like Wi-Fi noise cancelling and connection steering so customers always get the best possible signal.
  • An E-Wi-Fi app that allows customers to easily monitor and manage their home network, establish a network for guests, and to troubleshoot their network remotely.

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